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March Birthdays and Anniversaries

March Anniversaries (Years of Service)

Tim Woo (28); Marilyn Slaughter (27); Tom Jaynes (23); Herman Taylor (22); Deborah Maloney (21); Angela Perry, Karen McPhaul (19); George Allen, Linda Meisenbach (15); Emerencia Alejo, Linda Miles, Joy Hansen, Cynthia Hardin (12); Terra Bikah (11); Danyece Allen (10); Iesha Cleveland, Susan Baker (8); Craig Smith (6); Kathy McKinley (3); Blake Williams, Eliza Murphy (2); Tiffani Polk (1).

March Birthdays

Scott Neal, Alecia Lawrence, Moazzem Hossain, Tim Woo, Sara Juarez, Cari Borresen, Tami Davis, Temika Ford, Vega Swepson, Candice Capers, Tina Bryant-Allen, Judy Graham, Phil Gowins, Donna Alston, Shaunecey Johnson, Sally Parlier, Joan Brown, Kara Battle, Carol Marcus, LaShon Harley, Jairo McMican, Mark Hand, Valarie Evans, Lindsey Carpenter, Donnie Sommerfeldt, Svetlana Yokum, Sheza Healey, Greg Miller.

Staffing Chart Changes

Welcome new employees!

Courtney Gaylor, Transcript Evaluation Specialist
Student Information and Records

Catina Hill-Wafula, Administrative Specialist, Curriculum Program Data Entry

Robin Griffin, Transcript Evaluation Specialist
Student Information and Records

Christina Kodesh, College Liaison
Student Learning and Support

Valerie Whitley, Application Support Specialist/Administrative Assistant

Farewell to Retirees:

Robert Keeney, Vice President
Finance and Administrative Services

Marcia Daniell, Assistant Dean, Curriculum Development
Arts, Sciences, and University Transfer

Toyama Students Visiting Durham Tech

The Center for the Global Learner (CGL) at Durham Technical Community College is once again hosting a group of 18 students from Japan’s Toyama College of Foreign Languages for a three-week English immersion program.



The students arrived over the weekend and will be staying until March 11. The inclement weather last week put a hitch in their arrival plans as their flight from Washington, DC to RDU was cancelled and they ended up chartering a bus for a five-hour ride.

Dr. Constanza Gómez-Joines, CGL executive director, and David Kittrell, coordinator of the college’s English as a Second Language program, have been working diligently to manage the complex logistics of the program, which is in its third year. The visitors will attend classes at the SOUTHBank Building in downtown Durham from 9 a.m.-noon, Mondays through Thursdays, for the three-week period.

When the students are not in class, they will participate in organized trips to regional cultural and historical attractions in Durham and Raleigh, including Duke University, the NC Capitol Building, and the American Tobacco Campus. They also will attend presentations from local musicians and artists.

The program was established to help students fine-tune their fluency in conversational skills. Dr. Bill Ingram, president of Durham Tech, welcomes the partnership with Toyama College, saying, “We must reach out globally and provide these types of unique opportunities for students.” Gómez-Joines agreed, “This type of collaboration really fits with our mission at the college and helps us broaden our international scope.”

Sweet Dreams Really DO Come True!

IMG_5933 IMG_5932

The college held its annual Not Just Desserts fundraiser for the Bonnie Vick Stone Memorial Scholarship yesterday, and co-organizer Kerry Cantwell is thrilled to report that the goal of raising $500 was achieved!

Two of the most popular silent auction items (see photos) were Tracy Mancini’s legendary chocolate chip cookies (what DOES she put in those things? Delicious!) and a package from Phil Gowins/Gowins Farm.

Thanks to everyone who contributed baked goods…we should also say thanks, I suppose, to the people who purchased them, but isn’t devouring those sweet treats its own reward? Hmmmm….

Another Outstanding Certification Achievement

Shout out to START (Skills, Tasks and Results Training) instructor Altarius Moody and his students- all of the students in the program passed their AHLEI (American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute) certification exam on the first try with an average score of 91.7%!

This new program is the ONLY hospitality training curriculum for the workforce that is endorsed by the American Hotel & Lodging Association and is supported by its network of more than 10,000 hotel owners and potential employers. Students graduate with a total of six industry-recognized professional certifications, in addition to real-world experience gained through a 25-hour externship.

Congratulations to graduates and good luck in your professional field. Mr. Moody – keep up the great work.

Thanks to Jacequeline Mitchell for bringing these accomplishments to the attention of faculty and staff.

Middle College High School Rocks!

Not only was Durham Tech’s Middle College High School one of two to receive an “A” on the State Board of Education’s district report card, now we’ve learned that Middle College High science instructor Lori Khan is the sole recipient of the 2015 Gustav Ohaus Award which recognizes “innovations which have the potential to improve science teaching at the primary, secondary, and college levels.” More details can be found at:

Congratulations, Lori! We are so proud to have you as part of the Durham Tech family – keep up the great work!

Another 100% Certification Goal Reached!

Angela Breault, Medical Assisting Program Director/ Instructor, reports that there were 13 students who graduated from the program in 2014; all of them took the Certified Medical Assistant exam offered by the American Association of Medical Assistants, and all of them passed on their first attempt. This is the first time in the program’s history that this goal has been achieved. Congratulations, CMAs, and kudos to Angie and her team for their great instruction!!

Durham Tech Soccer Team Scores a Victory!

In Fall 2014, student Babiker Suliman approached soccer fanatic and IT staffer Erik Townsend to see if he would be willing to coach a student soccer team. Townsend helped him with the paperwork and procedures needed to have the team certified as an official student club, and enlisted the assistance of Tom Beveridge with practice sessions. Townsend points out that the team has been very dedicated to getting the team set up and moving forward, even putting up their own money for uniforms. You can see them practicing some days on the field below the Wynn Center.

The team won its first match on Sunday, 6-5 in a contest at Eno Middle School. Thanks to Babiker and his 17 teammates for their dedication and perseverance, and congratulations on your victory!

Fire Academy Commencement Ceremony

DSC00936crop_smallThe 18th class of the Durham Tech Fire Academy celebrated commencement exercises on Friday, January 30 in the auditorium of the Educational Resources Center. Seventeen graduates were honored: Tony Bethel, Masten Carr, Tyler M. Distasio, Nicholas Fox, Robert Hannon, Joel Hoffert, Dale Kernodle, Michael Langston, Matthew Marsee, Tyler Mitchell, Aaron Reaves, Adam Reynolds, Denzel Robinson, Steven Stinson, Chad Swanson, Joseph Tazioli, and Chandler Woods. Congratulations and best wishes for a successful career to you all!

Welcome New Employees!

Catina Hill-Wafula Administration Specialist, Curriculum Program, Data Entry

Catina Hill-Wafula
Administration Specialist, Curriculum Program, Data Entry

Christina Kodesh, College Liaison (Durham Public Schools)

Christina Kodesh, College Liaison (Durham Public Schools)

Courtney Gaylor Transcript Evaluation Specialist

Courtney Gaylor
Transcript Evaluation Specialist

Robin Griffin Transcript Evaluation Specialist

Robin Griffin
Transcript Evaluation Specialist

Four new employees began their orientation at the college yesterday. Please help me in welcoming them to the Durham Tech family!