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Durham Tech Math Students Excel at Regional Math Competition

IMG_0321 IMG_0335Photo at left, from left to right: Blaise Pena, Greys Florez, Viviane Guessi, and Calum O’Mara.

Photo at right, from left to right: Calum O’Mara, Viviane Guessi, Blaise Pena, and Viviane Guessi.

The 21st annual University of North Georgia Math Tournament took place on Saturday, April 11, and attracted over 100 students from across the southeast. The competition consists of an individually-taken calculus exam in the morning and an afternoon session in which students work in teams to answer questions pertaining to algebra, trigonometry, statistics, calculus, and geometry. Durham Tech student Blaise Pena placed fourth in the morning calculus competition. Durham Tech’s team finished fifth out of 29 teams in the afternoon competition and fifth overall.

CGL Students Participate in Mentorship Training

April 11 2015, Mentorship Training, Juntos and Cambiandos Caminos

Standing– third from the right Dayanara Rojas-Tello, fourth from right Jose Valle
Kneeling—first from right Jimena Ramos-Santana and fifth (last) from right Amayrani Calvario Salgado


On Saturday, April 11, Durham Tech students Amayrani Calvario Salgado, Dayanara Rojas, Jimena Ramos, and José Valle attended a mentor training at North Carolina State University’s
Juntos program along with students from North Carolina Central University and Johnston County Community College. Juntos means “together” in Spanish and works to unite community partners with Latino students to help those students achieve high school graduation and access higher education.

Durham Tech representatives chose to participate in this student mentorship training because the Center for the Global Learner has a newly formed club called Cambiando Caminos, or “changing paths” in English. This group plans to be ready to offer mentorship services to first-year incoming students this fall. Durham Tech students wanted to learn answers to questions such as how does a mentoring program work, what does it involve, what does being a mentor mean, how to recruit mentors and mentees, etc.

The Juntos mentoring program started a year ago and learning about their experiences was very valuable, according to Amayrani, a Latino Student Ambassador at Durham Tech. “Hearing about what has worked for them and what has not allowed helped us come up with ideas to try for our own group,” she says. “We also brainstormed about how to start a mentoring program, what resources do we already have on our campus, how to recruit mentors and mentees, what kind of events do we want to have, and what other resources are we missing and how we should we go about it securing them.”

She says that she personally enjoyed the experience very much. “I feel like this is my way of giving back to the community by helping incoming freshmen learn and grow at Durham Tech, and how to prepare themselves for the next step after community college. I want to support those students and let them know that they have a family in the mentoring program and that they’re not alone in this journey.”

The students agreed that before the training at State, they had little realization or appreciation for the full meaning of what being a mentor represents. According to Amayrani, “being a mentor means supporting your mentee, motivating him/her to reach their maximum potential in all aspects, providing resources so that they know what they want to major in, sharing your experience along with your successes and mistakes so that they can learn from them and avoid making the same ones.


Faculty, Students Attend Statewide IT Conference

johnkrivichmicheleharry annroymicheledavidsimpson tomdonmicheleharry

Top left photo, left to right: John Krivich, Michele Parrish, and Harry Bulbrook

Top right photo, left to right: Ann Roy, Michele Parrish, David Simpson

Lower left photo, left to right: Tom Murphy, Don Sommerfeldt, Michele Parrish, and Harry Bulbrook get their Mardi Gras on at the NCCIA conference


Durham Tech faculty members Harry Bulbrook, Tom Murphy, Michele Parrish, and Don Sommerfeldt attended the 2015 North Carolina Computer Instruction Association (NCCIA) conference at Forsyth Technical Community College March 31 – April 2. The conference featured workshops presented by faculty and textbook authors about new technology, how to use technology in the classroom, and many opportunities to network with other NC community college faculty. Three students from Durham Tech received scholarships at the conference.

John Krivich was awarded the NCCIA leadership team scholarship. In his application he said, “If I am awarded a scholarship, the primary way in which it will impact my plans for the future is by allowing me the time and money to pursue additional certifications in my field of study. It will afford me the option of accepting fewer hours of overtime at work, which will free up time to study and attend testing sessions. It will also help by paying for testing materials as well as the tests themselves. Feeling less pressure to work as many hours as possible, I will probably see reduced stress levels and feel better as well.”

Ann Roy received the Pearson Publishing scholarship. Ann said, ““A scholarship will allow me to concentrate more on my studies and less on trying to find a job. Even if I get an internship in my field at some point during my time at Durham Tech, a scholarship will help me in a big way to cover school expenses. I would like to continue school full-time so I can get out in the ‘real world’ faster to put the new knowledge I have gotten during my time at the college to good use.”

David Simpson received his scholarship from Murach Publishing. He said that “I recently took my first certification exam, Comptia Security+. These certifications can be costly even with discounted vouchers. I would like to work my way through as many as possible. I have also thought of continuing education beyond my current program of study. I am highly interested in learning more about virtualization and its application for production environments. Relieving financial burden of cost associated with these ventures makes it a much easier decision.”
All three students were nominated by Ms. Parrish. John and David are research assistants working on an NSF grant with Mr. Bulbrook. They helped with a presentation of the project at NCCIA. Mr. Bulbrook serves as NCCIA president and Mr. Murphy is president-elect.

New credentials for EMS director and program

John Deal, EMS program director, reports that he has just received his credential as a Certified Critical Care Paramedic (CCP-C). In addition, John has certifications of MHS (Master of Health Sciences, NRP (Nationally Registered Paramedic), and FP-C (Certified Flight Paramedic). WOW!

John also informs The Insider that he was able to have the Durham Tech EMS Program listed as an approved provider of the Critical Care Transport Review Course through the Board for Critical Care Transport Paramedic Certification.

And last, but certainly not least, the EMS Program has just received accreditation from CAAHEP. The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) is a programmatic postsecondary accrediting agency recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and carries out its accrediting activities in cooperation with 23 review committees (Committees on Accreditation). CAAHEP currently accredits over 2100 entry level education programs in 28 health science professions.

Congratulations on these achievements and keep up the great work!

Durham Tech DLT student accepted to Va. Commonwealth School of Dentistry

Greg Walton, Dental Laboratory Technology (DLT) program director/instructor, recently received this letter from one of his former students:

Dear Mr. Walton:

Hi Mr. Walton. This is Chang Hun (Kevin). I just wanted to let you know that I got accepted at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry. I was offered a position in the D.D.S Class of 2019 and I accepted the offer. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to get my actual hands-on experience in dentistry. I took my wax-ups, crowns, and denture work to dental school interviews and they really liked them. I am very glad that I decided to enroll in the Dental Laboratory Technology program and it really helped preparing for my future career in dentistry.
Thank you.

Chang Hun (Kevin) Lee

Congratulations, Kevin, and best wishes for success in furthering your education and pursuing your dental career!

Belz publishes new books of poems

Adjunct English instructor Aaron Belz published his third book of poetry last summer, “Glitter Bomb.” English Professor Emerita Marjorie Perloff descibes the poet as “often hilarious, he is also wise.”

Glitter Bomb is available through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Nook

Belz has also published “Lovely, Raspberry”, “The Bird Hoverer,” and Plausible Worlds”. Visit his website at for more of his work.