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Durham Tech builds partnerships at National Night Out

Durham Tech Campus Police and Public Safety officers were all smiles at National Night Out on Wednesday.

The college was well-represented with several members of the department, as well as representatives from the Center for College and Community Service, College and Career Readiness, and Student Development and Support. National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make neighborhoods safer.



Durham had at least three National Night Out sites on Wednesday, one of which was McDougald Terrace. Streets in the area were filled with residents, officers, patrol and emergency vehicles, and the smell of sizzling burgers.

Durham Tech Police Chief Dawn Tevepaugh said the community asked that a National Night Out event be held at McDougald Terrace as a way to deter crime and build relationships between officers and community members.

Durham Tech Police Chief Dawn Tevepaugh

Durham Tech Police Chief Dawn Tevepaugh


“For us, it’s important because we have students who live in this community and who drive through this community,” Tevepaugh said. “The community asked us to come here this year and we wanted to show them our support and our unity.”

Let’s celebrate August anniversaries and birthdays!

August Anniversaries (Years)
Dr. Bill Ingram (30); John Hurlburt (26); Irene Laube (25); Vernon Bridges (25); Perry Cumbie (23); Ricky Glasgow (21); Patrick Coin (20); Gregory Walton (19); Andrea Parrish (18); Constanza Gomez-Joines (18); Martha Williams (18); Michael Szczerbiak (17); Roy Stallings (16); Willie Johnson (16); Joan Brown (16); Robert Wilson (15); Emma Borynski (14); Jamia McIver-Eshiet (13); Brenda East (13); John Crutchfield (13); Julie Hoover (13); Lyndsay Al-Shibli (13); Micara Lewis (13); Susan Sutton (13); Suzanne Laudadio (13); Thomas Beveridge (13); Danny Francis (12); Dorothy Wood (12); Elecia Brown (12); Gabrielle McCutchen (12); James Weeks (12); Janel Thompson (12); Kerry Cantwell (12); Robbi Muckenfuss (12); Robert Matthews (12); Svetlana Yokum (12); Erica Taylor (12); Erik Townsend (11); Angela Boone (11); Jacqueline Futrell (11); Shannon Hahn (11); Sheryl McCloud (11); Sheza Healey (11); Kara Battle (11); Naomi Feaste (11); Cari Borresen (10); Lesley Chaffin (10); Lorelie Bingham (10); Christine Husketh (9); Isaac Thomas (8); Donna Littleton (8); Erin Riney (8); Mary Kennery (8); Marye Vance (8); Jonathan Cook (7); Michele Alexandre (7); Gloria Gay (6); James Luxton (6); Cara Potter (6); Donnie Sommerfeldt (6); James DePalma (6); Jason Moldoff (6); John Cain (6); John Lee (6); Larry Haynes (6); Margaret Memory (6); Scott Neal (6); Johnnie Bratton (6); Marisa Sullivan (5); Jemma Superville (5); Dorene MacKinnon (5); Marguerita Best (5); Marina DelVecchio (5); Tina Bryant-Allen (5); Amy Kern (4); Christine Dove (4); Sara Juarez (4); Jaclyn Krohn (3); Barbara Jackson (3); Christine Gunnigle (3); Janemarie Baker (3); Jerry Oxendine (3); Scott Stauble (3); LaTonya Steele (3); Marie Fogarty (3); Marjorie Carter-Davis (3); William Creech (3); Joseph Derilus (3); Andrew Teears (2); Meredith Lewis (2); Olga Hogrefe (2); Paula Wilder (2); Steven Kerrigan (2); Larry Carter (1); Maria Steele (1); Dawne Roberson (1); Deidre Yancey (1); Timothy Postell (1); Donald McIntyre (1); Erin Popov (1)

August Birthdays (Date)
Darlene Bullock (3); Kamala Uzzell (3); Castine Williams (5); Janice Stuart (7); Matt Williams (7); Katherine Lanio (8); Perry Cumbie (8); Jessica Vaughan (8); Marilyn Slaughter (9); Robert Matthews (9); Sandra Young (11); Sheryl McCloud (12); Barbara Jackson (14); Diane Usher (15); Stesha Little (17); Sheryca Crossland (18); Don Wheeler (19); Peter Wooldridge (20); Ricky Glasgow (20); Tom Murphy (20); Janel Thompson (20); Derek Epps (20); Marisa Sullivan (21); David Kittrell (23); Catina Hill-Wafula (24); Judy Roberts (25); Melissa Ockert (26); Kathy McKinley (26); Leroy Pendergraft, Jr. (29); Emerenciana Alejo (29); Joy Hansen (30); Carver Weaver (31); Megan Nicholson (31)

August farewells

Durham Tech bids farewell and best wishes to the following employees:
Teri Kaasa, Assistant Vice President, Research, Evaluation, Assessment, and Planning (August 1)
Claudia Joyner, Executive Assistant, Student Learning and Instructional Services (August 1)
Joann Molnar, Director/Instructor, Continuing Education for Non-Native Speakers (August 8)
Willie Hockaday, Security Officer (August 31)

A warm welcome to our new employees!

Durham Tech is pleased to welcome the following new employees:
Leah Tilden, Coordinator/Instructor, EMS Extension Services (July 25)
Maryah Smith-Overman, Program Director/Instructor, Construction Trades (July 26)
Angela Davis, Special Assistant for Equity and Inclusion (August 1)
Valerie Hines, College Liaison (August 1)
Jessica Lombardi, Manager, Curriculum Support and Development (August 1)
Brooklyn Smiley, College Liaison (August 1)
Keyma Clark, College Liaison (August 1)
Stephanie Dawson, Instructor, Associate Degree Nursing (August 8)
Brittney Vorndick, Instructor, Physics (August 8)
Rachel Lithman, Instructor, English as a Foreign Language (August 8)
Tom Magrinat, Instructor, Psychology (August 8)
Lisa Blair, Instructor, Spanish/French (August 8)
Ashley Hodges, Instructor, Mathematics (August 8)
Cathy Collie-Robinson, Director, Early Childhood Education (August 8)
Heather Aloor, Science Laboratory Coordinator/Instructor, Biology (August 8)

Durham Tech employees take on new roles

Durham Tech congratulates the following employees on their new roles:
Justin Bordeaux, Desktop Support Specialist (July 1)
Michelle Jordan, Assistant Dean, Career Readiness and Skills Training (July 1)
Ve’ga Swepson, Resource Specialist/HRD Instructor (July 1)
Tina Bryant-Allen, Assistant Vice President, Research, Evaluation, Assessment, and Planning (August 1)
Teresa Holder, Clinical Coordinator/Instructor, Health Technologies (August 8)