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Let’s celebrate October anniversaries and birthdays!

October Anniversaries (Years)
Charlene West (27); Karin Abell (16); Becky Roehrs (15); Darlene Covington-Brown (13); Sandra Grady (12); Dwight Williams (11); Jesse Greenhill (10); Annette Phillips (9); Craig Smith (7); Patricia Gould (6); Douglas Aitkin (5); Carver Weaver (5); Stesha Little (4); Janette Montalvo (4); Candace Rashada (3); Gregory Miller (3); Yasmeen Haque (2); Janet Alspaugh (1); Patricia Pendergrass (1); Tyesha Ellerbe (1); Michelle Laporte (1); Horace Holloway (1); Susan Paris (1); Michelle Everest (1)

October Birthdays (Date)
Micara Sessoms (1); Earl Stenlund (2); Jerry Oxendine (3); Justin Gray (3); Annette Phillips (7); Linda Hall (8); Oliver Just (9); Jamaal Walker (10); Annie Gill (10); Marguerita Best (11); Michelle Everest (12); Irene Laube (12); Kerry Cantwell (12); Rebecca McClain (13); Vincent Penn (13); Angela Davis (13); Cecil Outlaw (15); Anne Harris (16); Gregory Mimmack (17); Edwin Smith (17); Jesse Urban (18); Nathan Hardin (21); Santosh Shonek (21); Janette Montalvo (21); Steven Leadon (22); Harriett Wagstaff (23); Norb Golebiewski (23); Andrea Parrish (24); Lisa Inman (25); Willie Johnson (25); Joseph Fleming (26); Kris Weberg (26); Danny Francis (26); Bernice Campbell (26); Andrew Teears (27); Julie Humphrey (27); Christopher Mansfield (27); Yasmeen Haque (28); Erica Taylor (31); Jennifer Bennett (31)

Durham Tech welcomes delegation from Huaqiao University


On August 25, Durham Tech welcomed a delegation of 24 educators from Huaqiao University, Fujian Province, Quanzhou, China. The group was taking part in a symposium at Duke University entitled “Innovation and Management in Higher Education” and was interested in learning more about the community college system and, more specifically, Durham Tech’s applied and information technologies departments.

After being greeted by Dr. Ingram, Tim Woo, Mathematics and Electronics Engineering instructor, gave a presentation in his native language, Mandarin Chinese. He explained the basic structure of the community college system and answered questions concerning his specific program and about University Transfer and Financial Aid.

Tom Murphy, Assistant Dean of Information Technologies Programs, then spoke to the group about the many outstanding programs offered through our information technologies department, and answered additional questions about stackable credentials.

Bringing the presentations to a close, Patrick Coin, Assistant Dean of Applied Technologies Programs, spoke about each of the programs within Applied Technologies. He and Murphy then led the group on a tour of both the GlaxoSmithKline Technology Center and Newton Building industrial labs.

The group then continued on their way to UNC-Chapel Hill where they spent the afternoon learning about the university system of North Carolina.

This event was requested by Duke’s Executive Education Programs within the Duke Center for International Development at the Sanford School of Public Policy, and facilitated by David Kittrell in Durham Tech’s Center for the Global Learner.

Let’s celebrate September anniversaries and birthdays!

September Anniversaries (Years)
Kathy Zarilla (27); Peter Wooldridge (25); Carolyn Henderson (24); Betty Lyons (23); Tammy Nelson (15); Liz Filipowski (15); LaShon Harley (11); O’Keishe Wright (9); Jennifer Meade (8); Willie Hockaday (7); Joseph Fleming (7); Jesse Urban (6); Judy Hunter (6); Rebecca McClain (6); William Schuck (6); Shaunecey Johnson (4); Rex Horton (3)

September Birthdays (Date)
Susan Sutton (3); Yolanda Moore-Jones (3); Mary-Elizabeth Medlin (4); Donnetta Miller (4); Glen Fisher (5); John Lee (8); O’Dell Hill (10); Michele Alexandre (10); Christy Walker (11); Marye Vance (12); Wanda Sutton (13); Christine Dove (13); LaTonya Steele (14); Glenda Morris (14); Dorene MacKinnon (15); Megan Elizabeth Shipman (15); Robbi W. Badgett (16); Angela L. Boone (19); Dean Blackwelder (19); Michael Bellardini (21); Dawne Roberson (22); Donald McIntyre (24); Penny Gluck (24); Brenda Wasson (25); Linda Miles (25); Larry Carter (28); Tayonda Saunders (29); Deborah Maloney (30)

A warm welcome to our new employees!

Durham Tech is pleased to welcome the following new employees:
Adrian Wright, Director/Instructor, Industrial Systems Technology (August 8)
Carolyn Beatty, Instructor, Nursing Assistant (August 15)
Fabiola Ten, Security Officer (August 29)
Tiffany Collins, Director, Student Accounts (September 1)
Ashley Martin, Instructor, Associate Degree Nursing (September 6)