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Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society inducts 71 new members

Congratulations to the 71 newest members of the Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society! They were inducted during a ceremony on main campus on Saturday, March 23, 2019.

Kaitlyn Ackerman

Nathaniel Alvarez

Jose Aparicio-Castillo

Giuliana Ballaben

Vishal Barnela

Melissa Barnes

Demika Blash

Lanetta Bowser

Barrington Briggs

Kay Brown

Kristi Bubeck

Kwali Bunker

Camay Butler

Jennifer Carabez Cortes

Sieta Crawford

Liz Maylin De Jesús Sánchez 

Danielle Deberry

Stevie Dees

Katharine Edwards

Hailey Euceda

Andrew Gaudette

Stephen Gaudette

Aleigha Ginyard

Ramiro Gonzalez

Jonathan Hall

Tamara Hatch

Melanie Hernandez Chavez

Monica Herrera

Benny Horton

Jacob Intini

Jeanette Jarvis

Darrion Johnson

Anthony Jones

Erica Krout

Kimberly Lemos

Brittney Love

Angel Lucas

Christy Mills

Patricia Nadabar

Lilian Roxana Ordoñez Cordero

Francisco Ortiz Paparoni

Colby Peck

Kelly Penny

Chalisa Phoomsakha

Idia M. Piacentini

Nicholas Plonk

Alexandria Rainey

Hind Rasselkaf

Susan Ray

Asha Rice

Matthew Rigsbee

Richard Rojas

Jonathan Runyambo

Trinnyce Silverman

Joy Simmons

Keith Simpson

Julia Storch

Nicholas Storch

Roypim Strait

Steve Sun

My Tran

Alicia Turner

Lowell Upchurch

Alexander Valdez

Donna Villano

Camilla Weaver

Mckenna West

Andrea Wong

Allison Woolford

Keneisha Young

Zhuying Zhang

Durham Tech students and faculty attend statewide IT conferences, scholarships awarded

(L to R) Tom Murphy, Charlene West, Chuck Lucas, Michele Parrish, Harry Bulbrook, Don Sommerfeldt

Seven Durham Tech Information Technology (IT) faculty and staff participated in the North Carolina Computer Instruction Association (NCCIA) annual conference in Greenville, NC, at East Carolina University (ECU), March 6-8. The event was attended by 183 IT instructors,guests, and volunteers from 37 of the 58 NC Community Colleges. The conference provides professional development, certification testing, student and faculty scholarships, and networking opportunities for IT instructors to share their perspectives and experiences with one another.

Durham Tech IT students, Charles “Chuck” Lucas and Maxfield Carpenter, were selected as recipients of $500 scholarships by the NCCIA and are listed in the conference scholarship program. Lucas and Carpenter were nominated by Michele Parrish, who spoke to their accolades at the scholarship presentation.

Participating faculty included Harry Bulbrook, Leon Holloway, Tom Murphy, Scott Neal, Michele Parrish, Don Sommerfeldt, and Charlene West. Tom Murphy and Harry Bulbrook were instrumental in the planning and coordination of the conference as members of the NCCIA Leadership Team and as past presidents of the association. Bulbrook and Parrish attended a Cisco Instructor Training Conference facilitated by Stanly Community College’s Cisco Instructor Training Center at ECU in Greenville, NC on March 5. Bulbrook achieved the Cisco CyberOps certification by completing the two corresponding Cisco exams. This certification is associated with the SEC160 course.

Max Carpenter and Michele Parrish

Let’s celebrate March anniversaries and birthdays!

March Anniversaries (Years)

Tseng-Yuan Woo (32); Tom Jaynes (27); Herman Taylor (26); Angela Perry (23); Karen McPhaul (23); Emerenciana Alejo (16); Joy Hansen (16); Cynthia Hardin (16); Terra Pegram Bikah (15); Danyece Allen (14); Iesha Cleveland (12);Susan Baker (12); Kathy McKinley (7); Blake Williams (6); Eliza Murphy (6); Rhea Deroian (3); Larry Nobles (1); Stephanie Turner (1)

March Birthdays (Day)

Scott Neal (1); Horace Holloway (1); Nadine Ford (3); Carolyn Beatty(3); Daryl Rogers (3); Lisa Blair (5); Tseng-Yuan Woo (5); Sara Juarez (5); Melanie Riester (5); Tammie Davis (6); Jean Brown (6); Véga Swepson (7); Heather Remley(9); Tina Ruff (9); Judy Graham (10); Brittney VornDick (12); Donna Alston(12); Shaunecey Johnson (12); Belinda Wiley (16); Kara Battle (17); LaShon Harley (18); Donnie Sommerfeldt (22); Deidre Yancey (24); Svetlana Yokum (24); Sheza Healey (28); Keitcha Royal (28)