Durham Tech IT instructors participate in statewide conference

gEight IT faculty participated in the North Carolina Computer Instruction Association (NCCIA) annual conference in New Bern, NC, at Craven Community College, March 7-9. The event drew IT instructors from 46 different educational institutions, 38 of which were NC Community Colleges. The conference provides professional development, certification testing, student and faculty scholarships, and opportunities for instructors to share their perspectives and experiences with one another.

Tom Murphy and Harry Bulbrook served as President and Immediate Past President at the event. Margie Dietz, Angie Jones, and Eric Schmieder presented. Leon Holloway assisted in certification testing and in presentation sessions. Michele Parrish won a reward for hunting bears in an after-hours scavenger hunt in which participants navigated New Bern taking selfies with bear statues that pockmark the town named after the Swiss word for bear. Faculty that participated included Harry Bulbrook, Margie Dietz, Leon Holloway, Angie Jones, Tom Murphy, Scott Neal, Michele Parrish, and Eric Schmieder.