Lisa Blair joins the ranks of faculty scholars in SoTL

By Gabby McCutchen

Lisa Blair, Instructor, Spanish and French in the Arts, Sciences, and University Transfer department at Durham Tech has been selected to participate in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) in the Teaching-Learning Center (TLC).

SoTL is the synthesis of teaching, learning, and research in higher education. The TLC supports full-time and part-time faculty participation in SoTL projects that substantially change the ways in which instructors teach. SoTL is a multi-semester process that culminates in the participants sharing their research and experiences with the larger college community.

Lisa’s project is tentatively titled “Verbal Engagement in Online Language Classes.” She will investigate what online engagement activities best support language proficiency, and she will base the development of new, meaningful speaking and listening activities on this research. Lisa is an experienced hybrid instructor and brings to this new challenge her recent experiences leading a Faculty/Staff Interest Group (FIG) in the TLC.

Lisa will conduct her research over the summer and implement the changes in their courses in Fall 2018. She will report out to the college on their process and results in Spring 2019. She will also qualify for a $500 SoTL stipend for successfully completing her project.

The next round of applications SoTL applications will be due on September 1, 2018. See the SoTL webpages on the TLC website or contact Gabby McCutchen, Director of TLC, for more details.

Congratulations, Lisa! We look forward to hearing about your results!