Q&A with UNC Health Care’s Jeff Strickler

Q: How is Durham Tech impacting health care in Orange County?

A: It’s a key provider of trained health care technicians such as EMTs and Surgical Techs as well as associate degree Registered Nurses. These roles enable the region’s health facilities to deliver the exceptional care which our communities are known for providing.

Q: Durham Tech is expanding its programs and adding a new Anesthesia Technology program in partnership with UNC Health Care this fall. How do you see Durham Tech impacting our health care institutions in coming years?

A: Perioperative services are a vital part of any hospital as the focus lessens on inpatient care and instead is focused on outpatient and procedural areas. The Anesthesia Technology program will support Anesthesiologists and CRNAs in providing safe and effective care. This partnership is a good example of where hospitals and community colleges can collaborate.

Q: Community colleges have a unique ability to respond to changing industry trends and needs. How do you see that dynamism benefiting health care?

A: Community colleges by their nature are nimble in responding to change. In fact, I’m a product of a community college education. A community college is a place where many of us start our careers.

Q: What is your impression of Durham Tech’s role in training health professionals?

A: The training students receive [at Durham Tech] enables local health organizations to provide better care by tapping into a pipeline of outstanding employees.

Q: How are Durham Tech and UNC partnering to provide clinical training?

A: UNC Hospitals Hillsborough Campus currently serves as a clinical site for a number of programs. For example, nursing students have clinical rotations on our inpatient units while our operating rooms provide opportunities for students in the surgical technology program, and EMTs do clinical rotations in our Emergency Department. UNC Hillsborough Campus is across the street from Durham Tech’s Orange County Campus, which is also convenient.

Jeff Strickler

Vice President at UNC Hospitals
Head Administrator of Hillsborough Hospital