Durham Tech welcomes Self-Service

Move over, WebAdvisor, there’s a new student academic planning system in town! Self-Service is Durham Tech’s new advising and academic planning web application from Ellucian. Through Self-Service, students can access easy-to-read financial aid information and can easily view their billing statements and pay their tuition. Self-Service also provides students and advisors with a variety of helpful academic planning tools. Some exciting features of the new system include the following:

  • A My Progress degree audit tool which allows students to view their progress in their academic programs. It displays both completed courses as well as courses that they still need to take in order to earn their chosen credential. Students who are considering changing majors can select the “View a New Program” option for a similar course-by-course analysis of their progress in a different program.
  • The Plan and Schedule feature allows students to create an academic plan displaying which courses they will take in each of their remaining semesters. The plan clearly displays pre-requisite and co-requisite alerts so that students can avoid scheduling errors in future semesters. When registration is open, students can register for classes directly from their academic plans.
  • With Self-Service, registration is now easier than ever before! Students can view a weekly schedule that displays the times that their planned classes are held. This helps them avoid scheduling conflicts. Similar to our old Open Course List, students can filter their course searches by seat availability, location, instructor, and time of day.
  • Self-Service allows students to communicate with their advisors and access other information such as test scores and unofficial transcripts.
  • Self-Service has a number of handy advising tools as well. In addition to providing advisors with all of the same information that students can see, it also enables them to view students’ plans and approve individual courses. It also allows advisors to record advising notes and archive printable student plans.

You may be wondering when we’ll get this fabulous new thing. We are delighted to report that it’s already here! Over the course of the summer semester, our ACA 122 students tested out the system and have already begun mapping out their academic course plans. Fall ACA 122 students will continue this work, and by the spring semester we hope to provide Self-Service access to all new students so they can use it to plan and register for their classes.

We are inviting all advisors to roll up their sleeves and take Self-Service for a test drive. Throughout the fall semester, we will be hosting a series of Self-Service training sessions through the TLC. Space is limited, so please be sure to visit the TLC calendar and register soon!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kerry Cantwell or Eliza Murphy.