A warm welcome to our new employees!

Durham Tech is pleased to welcome the following new employees:
Leah Tilden, Coordinator/Instructor, EMS Extension Services (July 25)
Maryah Smith-Overman, Program Director/Instructor, Construction Trades (July 26)
Angela Davis, Special Assistant for Equity and Inclusion (August 1)
Valerie Hines, College Liaison (August 1)
Jessica Lombardi, Manager, Curriculum Support and Development (August 1)
Brooklyn Smiley, College Liaison (August 1)
Keyma Clark, College Liaison (August 1)
Stephanie Dawson, Instructor, Associate Degree Nursing (August 8)
Brittney Vorndick, Instructor, Physics (August 8)
Rachel Lithman, Instructor, English as a Foreign Language (August 8)
Tom Magrinat, Instructor, Psychology (August 8)
Lisa Blair, Instructor, Spanish/French (August 8)
Ashley Hodges, Instructor, Mathematics (August 8)
Cathy Collie-Robinson, Director, Early Childhood Education (August 8)
Heather Aloor, Science Laboratory Coordinator/Instructor, Biology (August 8)