Shout out

Over the summer, Dr. Ingram received the following letter from a Durham Tech alum:

I am spending today working on completing admissions requirements for George Mason’s School of Law. As I’m doing this, I’m reflecting on my choice to return to college four years ago. My first step in doing so was attending Durham Tech for a couple night classes to increase my employability at the time.

My intent, at the time, was to add those night classes to a resume. It led to the beginning of an educational journey that has me at this point, almost four years later. Durham Tech was the springboard that led to my acceptance to St. Cloud State University. That led to two bachelor’s degrees and significant progress in a master’s in economics. It has also led to a scholarship for law school to George Mason.

I wanted to take a moment and share the fact that Durham Tech was an integral part of this journey, and the opportunities that I received there began a transition into a path that I would have been unable to accomplish without that initial starting point.

I would like to thank you, as a team, and specifically Janice Kerber and Mary Parker for their roles in teaching the two classes that started my return to school.

Joe Kucan