Let’s celebrate June anniversaries and birthdays!

June Anniversaries

Dorothy Holman (18); Ingrid Charles (16); Alfreda Gregory (12); Cortissia Johnson (12); Andrei George (12); Timiya McCormick (11); Kevin Hinton (11); Edwin Smith (9); John Mathewson (3); Nadine Ford (3); Derek Epps (3)

June Birthdays

Lyndsay Al-Shibli (1); Ryan Newnam (1); Marcus Dorsey (1); James Park (2); Tisha Phillips (2); Cindy Hardin (3); Betty Lyons(5); Kathy Zarilla (8); Hyacinth Ingram (8); Melissa Chappell (9); Alicia Freeman (9); Muffy Vestal (12); Donna Littleton (13); Robert Wilson (14);Jacquelyn McKeithan-Foster (17); Rhea Deroian (17); Angela Perry (19); Jaclyn Krohn (20); Tracy Johnson (22); Rebekah Roehrs (23); Judy Hunter (24); William Creech (25); LaDelta Williams (27); Jordan Fulchiero (29); Suzi Jaikaran (30) 

Let’s celebrate May anniversaries and birthdays!

May Anniversaries (Years)

Gregory Mimmack (20); Julie Humphrey (17); David Long (12); Donna Alston (12); Angela Breault (12); Norb Golebiewski (10); Wallace Blackwelder (7); Bill Stuart (7); Shana Curl (7); Jennifer Bennett (7); Burnice Parker (7); Theresa McLaurin (6); Abraham Dones (5); Audrey Muhammad (5); Justin Long (4); Nathan Hardin (4); Sasha Afanador (3); Liza Nordstrom (3); Michael Bellardini (3); Melanie Riester (2); Vickie Hickman (1)

May Birthdays (Day)

Oluwunmi Ariyo (3); Patrick Coin (5); Kurt Laudicina (8); Brenda East (8); Janet Alspaugh (9); Valarie Hines (9); Gilbert Umberger (11); Andrei George (11); Susan Baker (12); Tom Jaynes (14); Randy Egsegian (15); Gregory Walton (15); David Silfen (17); Karen McPhaul (18); Virgil Malone (19); Cathy Collie-Robinson (19); Elizabeth Payne (19); Adam Foster (21); Elizabeth Davidson (21); Abraham Dones (22); Patrick Hines (23); Quincy Wright (23); O’Keishe Wright (23); Marcy Wynn (23); Karen Mosley-Lyon (26); Jennifer Macy (26); Rex Horton (26); Gwendolyn Troy-Mckinney (27); Leah Tilden (28); Charles Farrow (30); Arlene Lyons-Daniels (30); Jessica Orio (31); Michael Reese (31)

2018-19 Employee Excellence Awards

Congratulations to our excellence award winners for the 2018-19 academic year!

Excellence in Teaching Award
Deidre Yancey, Chair and Instructor of First-Year Experience

Deidre Yancey

Excellence in Support Services Award
Liz Filipowski, Web Designer/Developer in Marketing and Communications

Liz Filipowski

Excellence in Community Engagement Award
Mary Moore, Education Navigator in Orange County

Mary Moore

Excellence in Adjunct Teaching and Part-Time Service Awards
Sarah Donovan, English for Academic Purpose
Van Miles, Business Administration
Martha Alonzo-Johnsen, Biology
Benjamin Dunnington, Chemistry
Autmnn Myers, Practical Nursing
Richard Tillies, Computer Programming
Dillon Wilson, Center for Academic Excellence

(L to R) President Ingram, Van Miles, Martha Alonzo-Johnsen, Dillon Wilson, Autmnn Myers, Richard Tillies (Not Pictured: Benjamin Dunnington, Sarah Donovan)

Durham Tech Phi Beta Lambda recognized at state conference

(L to R) Chris McDuff, Kim Green, Chuck Lucas, Joseph Blanchet, Michele Parrish, Dr. LaTonya Steele

The Durham Tech Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) attended the NC PBL State Leadership Conference April 4-6 in Charlotte where they participated in workshops and networked with other members and professionals.

Congratulations to the following students that won awards during the awards ceremony:

1st Place
Cyber Security: Kim Green
Network Design: Kim Green
Networking Concepts: Joseph Blanchet

2nd Place
Network Design: Joseph Blanchet, Chuck Lucas
Computer Concepts: Christopher McDuff

5th Place
Computer Concepts: Chuck Lucas

Who’s Who in NCPBL
Kim Green and Chuck Lucas

Career and Membership Achievement Program (CMAP)
Director: Joseph Blanchet
Director, Executive and President levels: Chuck Lucas
Executive and President levels: Kim Green
* Only 3 NCPBL members obtained President level *

Leadership Development Award
(for attendance at 4 workshops)
Joseph Blanchet and Kim Green

Chapter Awards and Recognition
* 2019 Gold Seal Chapter (1 of 5 in the state)
* 2018-19 NCPBL Professional Division-Foundation (PF-F) Chapter of the Year
* The Legacy Leadership Award for being an outstanding chapter (1 of 10 in state)
* Recognition for being a Gold Star Chapter
* Recognition for contributions to the NC PBL Professional Division-Foundation General Fund (in honor of Charlene West) and the Scholarship Fund (in honor of Ms. Jean Buckley on her retirement as FBLA-PBL, INC, President and CEO).
* Recognition for Membership Achievement for the NCPBL PD-F Chapter Affiliation
* Recognition for Membership Achievement (increased membership)

1st Place
Largest Percentage Increase in Membership for Central Region

2nd Place
Local Chapter Annual Business Report
Largest Increase in Membership for Central Region
Largest PD-F Membership Chapter Affiliation for Central Region

3rd Place
Largest Chapter Affiliation NC PBL Professional Division-Foundation

5th Place
Largest Increase in Chapter Membership
Largest Percentage Increase in Chapter Membership

Other Recognition
*  Michele Parrish was recognized for 15 years of service as an advisor.
*  Michele Parrish and Dr. LaTonya Steele served on the State Awards Program committee.
* As part of receiving the Who’s Who award, Kim Green and Chuck Lucas spoke about the person who they admired the most at the Friday night session.  
* Gilbert Umberger was nominated by Durham Tech PBL and received the 2019 PD-F Distinguished Service Award.
* Mr. David Bishop was the recipient of the NCPBL Business Person of the Year Award.  He is the owner of Stitch Doctor Embroidery in Durham, NC and was nominated by Durham Tech PBL for the support he has provided.

All four students will be representing Durham Tech PBL and NC PBL at the FBLA-PBL National Leadership Conference (NLC) in San Antonio in June. Members will be fundraising for the trip. NLC. Upcoming fundraisers include Durham Bulls ticket vouchers, City BBQ and California Pizza Kitchen. Additionally, students will be participating in the Triangle March of Dimes walk in late April. 

Gilbert Umberger and Dan Hazlett (NC-PBL State Advisor)